Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Joint: "Hard Times" - Wandering Monks

Peep this new joint entitled "Hard Times" from the hip hop duo Wandering Monks based out of Aurora, Colorado. This beat is sick on some kind of funky shit. The lyrics are deeply thought out and are laced with knowledge and positive messages.

Here is some background on these guys:
Originating in the socially sterile environment of the front range of Colorado, Wandering Monks is a musical entity consisting of rapper/producer McAD and his emcee partner Linguistory. The duo - who came together in 2009 - has worked tirelessly to create a unique brand of conscious underground hip hop that blends multiple genres yet maintains a distinct sound.

Drawing inspiration from a long tradition of protest music, including Bob Marley, Public Enemy, Rage Against The Machine, Dead Prez, System Of A Down and Immortal Technique - the Wandering Monks may not be the most commercially viable group but in the day and age of internet and expanding sub-genres that matters not. “The mainstream is a minor distraction but it doesn't prevent us from doing what we want to do,” says Linguistory. “Hip hop is infinite!”

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