Saturday, September 11, 2010

Exclusive Interview With Indie Rap Artist Tez Mclain

Who is Tez McClain?

Tez McClain is a hip hop artist from the Southside of Atlanta, Georgia. Attended and graduated from college. I’m here to communicate to the world through my music.

How has the experience of graduating college influenced your career pursuits in the rap music business?

I grew as a person a lot in college. Just the experience of dealing with people from different walks of life was nice. The fact that they related to my music let me know that I have what it takes for the masses to buy in to what I got to say.

Your style seems very conversational, would you agree that you use music as an outlet to share your life lessons through song?

Most definitely, that’s really to establish some type of emotional connection with the listener.

Recently you dropped "Wishful Thinking Vol. 1" the mixtape, hosted by Don Cannon. How does the release of this latest project open new doors for you? (i.e., working with a wider range of producers/artists, Don Cannon, your business and networking skills, etc.)

It opens the ears of people. A lot of people really don’t listen to new artist unless they have some type of co-sign, just being real. Don Cannon is a very respectable taste-maker in the Hip Hop community so doing the mixtape with him as my first one ever does help.

Do you find that your relationships with other people influence you and your music creatively?

Yeah, just the vibe and energy I receive from people in my life definitely influence my music. Everybody has a role to play; I pull from my relationships a lot.

Sometimes I observe and write about what’s going on in there lives. It’s all relative; everybody goes through the same stuff generally.

You've won the Hot 107.9 Battle Grounds twice now, at Club Mariachi on the North side of Atlanta, what does that say about the level of game where you come from?

Its a lot of competition in Atlanta when it comes to music. Everybody moves here to do music. So when you can shine in the company of all these talented people, well, it’s pretty much self explanatory. Now I have to compete with those on the next level.

What do you think it takes now a days to be a southern emcee, trying to do something different, coming up out of Atlanta?

You know the standard was set over and over again by Atlanta artist for those coming up to do better. First it was The Dungeon Family, then Ludacris, T.I., & Jeezy. Now the homey B.O.B. killing them.

I just gotta know what I’m competing against, and bring my own thing to the table. Hopefully the people will eat it up and want seconds.

What are some of the ways that you put your self out there for potential fans to find your music?

Networking events, internet, shows, traveling, etc.

Anything you would like to share with your music fans? Perhaps you have some advice for aspiring emcee's?

Follow your dreams, have a plan and a vision.

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