Sunday, June 21, 2009

Is There Such A Thing As the Hip Hop Savior ?

Whaddup Ya'll ! Recently I came across a post on which made me think hard about something that I am about to share with you in today's post. How desperate are we for REAL, GOOD and QUALITY HIP HOP? Don't get me wrong, I think there are plenty of substantial creative hip hop artist out in the game right now. I also think that they are doing a fine job leading us into the future of rap music and hip hop for the next generation of young hip hoppers everywhere.

But, the question is (or was in the post) could there be one emcee or group destined to save us from all of the filler and garbage music that we are over saturated with in today's market ? To be blunt, NO. At least not in the opinion of this author/rap artist/entrepreneur.

Let me start this rant by saying, in the music business sense, I do not think that one individual artist or even a group can be considered the "savior" of a hip hop, a whole popular culture all it's own. I think hip hop embodies a lifestyle that many people participate in. Hip hop artists make music and music is only one aspect of the culture. Many of us forget the producers, b-boys, graff artists, DJ's and innovators who shape our culture with positive reinforcement.

Hip hop is constantly changing, just when it starts getting bad, it gets better. At the same time, when it starts getting better it looks worse then ever. Hope for a hip hop "savior" to me resembles desperation, which tells me hip hop needs quality artists now more then ever. Luckily with a whole crop of talented young up and comers in the game, we looking all right. Even in the darkest era's, hip hop has got the light.

What do you think? Is there such a thing as the hip hop savior or saviors ? Can we be saved ? How bad is it really, or how good is hip hop about to become ? What are your thoughts on the evolution and and future of rap music and hip hop ? Be sure to leave your piece, I often reply to your comments quickly.


  1. I posted another comment earlier but as a artist myself I always felt like i was the savior but understanding this post, I rethought my process. Its enough for everyone to eat and we as rappers seem to forget hip-hop isnt just rapping over a beat its a life style. Krs-One said "Rapping is something you do, Hip-Hop is what you live".

  2. Whaddup I (heart) DC,

    It' good to here from you. I ttally understand where you are coming from. I am also a hip hop artist that has always felt like I am/could be the savior of the genre. But thats quite alot of needless pressure to live up to.

    I agree with you as well, as long as we are all "eating" in both the literal and proverbial sense, then I think we have done well.

    Bang on DC, hip hop is lifestyle. "You either in it pimpin', or you just in the way" - Method Man


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