Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Exclusive Interview With Indie Hip Hop Group Prolific

Recently we published a post featuring the indie hip hop group Prolific. Team Prolific was gracious enough to grant us an exclusive interview with the group.

Who is Prolific, and how did all of you connect and come to be as a group?

Prolific is a four man Hip Hop group consisting of Neme, Flamez, Exile the Experience and Zin O.d, more than just a group we are a family. We linked up in High School because we had a common goal and love for this music,and we have been putting it down ever since.

What does each member contribute to the group? (Great performer, lyrical ability, style, etc.)

Each of us brings a different style to the table, to make Prolific unique. Flamez for example has a fearless delivery and a flow like a rollercoaster ride. He moves seamlessly from metaphor to metaphor while riding the beat with ease. Then you got Neme, who has an unmistakable voice with a flow to match. His raspy voice puts emphasis on every word, and ends each statement with an exclamation point.

Also you got the boy Zin O.D who has a rapid fire delivery that can rival Twista’s. At any tempo, he can slow down or speed up his flow to perfectly complement any beat, yet lyrically, pass any test. Exile the Experience uses his distinct pitch and poignant lyrics to leave a lasting impression on the listener and a seamless flow to match.

Beyond just your musical talents and lyrical abilities, which member(s) bring a strong business sense into the mix?

That would be Neme.

How important do you feel it is to be on the same page, and see eye to eye, in order to succeed as a group in the music business?

That is very important, without that you’re at a standstill. In every type of business there is always going to be compromise, and at times butting heads. But you have to realize that you all have the same common goals and trying to achieve the same things. So you have to come to some kind of agreement so you can move forward and make this work…. If we couldn’t do that we would be solo artist.

You've released music for some time now, specifically, the "Live From The O" mixtape series. How much does that help to establish the Prolific brand name in the Orlando hip hop scene?

All the joints we put out have helped us a lot making a name for our self’s in the O and beyond that. We work very hard and the people see and respect that…..We are proficient we are Prolific.

Recently you released the "Now Or Never" mixtape, hosted by Dj Rok. How was this project different from all previous others, in terms of helping you to prepare for your debut EP release?

“Now Or Never” has been a very good look for us, big up to Dj Rok for holding us down. How has it helped out with preparing for The Ep “The Moment”? We would have to say awareness; we got a nice buzz going with this project. We have been doing a lot of promo for this tape, different interviews with blogs and college radio and so forth.

While you're currently preparing to drop your debut EP, "The Movement", what's next for Prolific after the release of this upcoming project?

Shows, shows and more shows! Look out for us. We are planning on taking “The Movement” on the road should be in a city near you hopefully, and we plan on following up the EP with a full length LP. And of course there will be some mixtapes dropping in between all that.

What are some strategies that you, as a group, have utilized to increase your exposure and the chances of attracting new fans towards finding your music?

We are always trying to think of different and unconventional ways of grabbing the people attention. For example we did a campaign this past February “For the Ladies February” series we dropped a new record every week in the mouth of the Feb.

Something as simple as that can help push you over the top. And of course utilizing the blogs and dj’s, as a musician those are our best friends right there. They have the people ear; you can’t win if they are not down with the movement.

Is there anything you would like to share with your music fans?What kind of advice would you offer to a new group of artists coming up?

To all the people out there on the come up first and foremost please know your business align yourself with a strong team. Hone your craft and strive to be the best, and please be original! To all the people out there that support the Pro Thank you ,look out for “ The Movement” dropping early 2011, If you don’t got the hottest mixtape out right now “ Now or Never” you can find that and all our other projects at www.teamprolific.com

Big ups to Hindesite the whole 407 and 404, Adamsville what up! Rickey, Key, all our people out their holding us down in the O and beyond, Dj Decane our German connect, Dj rok what it do! And thank you RTiculate for doing this interview with us, peace it’s the Pro!

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