Wednesday, October 26, 2011

David E Beats Exclusive Interview With Future of Rap Music

Originally hailing from DC, David E Beats is an indie rap/rock musician an artist currently residing in New York. David E Beats dropped out of school to move to New York and pursue his dreams of being successful artist/entrepreneur in the music business.

Here at the Future of Rap Music Business blog, we were fortunate enough to get this interview opportunity with David E Beats:

F.O.R.M.: First of all, please tell the readers and future fans about yourself. Who is David E Beats, and what do you represent?

I am a rapper/guitarist from DC who lives in NYC. I play rap/rock fusion and I'm pretty good at it. LOL.

F.O.R.M.: Not only are you a solo artist, but you also put together The White House Band. This also lead to the creation of the Rap Rocks concert series. Can you elaborate on what Rap Rocks is all about, and what motivated you to start it up?

I started it to create a platform for myself, to show people that this rap/rock fusion sound has fans and supporters.

F.O.R.M.: In some of your press materials I read that you have plans of taking the Rap Rocks series to Europe in the future. Do you have any plans of coming up to Canada for some shows?

Possibly. It’s definitely a possibility.

F.O.R.M.: Recently, The White House Band's "Wasup!" video was banned from within the networks of MTV, how does this affect the band's marketing strategy moving forward? 

Not really, it ended up getting almost 10,000 hits and the hits are still climbing. We plan to just do grassroots marketing to get the word out. Recently MTV posted another one of my vids, the one for “Over Here.“

F.O.R.M.: Do you get the feeling that your moving in the "right direction" in the sense that it may not receive love from the networks right away, but the people and fans still catch on to it quickly?

I think so at least. I talk to people and everyone says I'm doing good and moving in the right way. All I know is that I plan on doing more and more bigger things in time.

F.O.R.M.: I understand that you elected to drop out of college in order to pursue a successful career as an indie musician. Now, you're performing at SXSW, you have videos on VH1 and MTV, and The White House Band is performing in front of sold out crowds. Did you ever have any doubts, or have you known all along that you were bound for success in the music business?

I still have doubts. Every show, every video, is kind of like a new test to prove myself. I still haven’t broken through all the way and still have a long way to go. I just know that success isn’t what you've done yesterday; it’s always about what you're doing tomorrow.

F.O.R.M.: You coined the term #DopeSauce, which seems like a powerful personal mantra for you. Did you intend for it to catch on the way it did, becoming a useful marketing tool for building your brand, or did that just develop naturally with your fans?

It’s just a word I've been saying for a long time. LOL.

F.O.R.M.: You've been featured on some of the biggest Hip Hop media outlets (i.e.,,, BET, and many other newspapers, magazines and radio stations). How does it feel to be recognized for your efforts as a unique and independent artist building your own brand?

Feels good. But like I said before, it’s all about what I'm doing tomorrow. Gotta keep it moving!

F.O.R.M.: What's next for David E Beats, the White House Band and Rap Rocks?

Opening for Dwele, rocking with Stalley and Rockie Fresh, looks like I’ll be opening for Too Short as well, and some new songs that we hope will catch on pretty quickly in 2012.

F.O.R.M.: I would just like to thank you for this interview opportunity. Lastly, is there any shout outs or important messages you would like to share with your fans?

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