Thursday, June 24, 2010

Indie Hip Hop From The Trenches: Interview With Mike Petrone

Who is Mike Petrone?

Mike Petrone is a southern fed and bred hip hop artist from Columbus, GA to Atlanta, GA! Recently discharged from the US ARMY after 2 tours in Iraq, deep lyrics meet knocking beats as Mike Petrone brings the energy of Lil Jon and the raw emotion of Eminem!

What influences have helped you pursue a career in the rap music business?

I've been influenced by so many different things in my life. From music to all aspects of life travels. I've been influenced by artists such as Outkast and Eminem to my experiences overseas in combat. My outlook, my perspective and my appreciation for the world around me is what's helped me in my career.

After two tours in Iraq, how have your experiences effected the creative proccess of your music?

My experiences have effected me in many different ways. I still deal with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and that kind of issue can always be a burden on a creative process, but my experiences have also helped me in a postive way.

I have such a great outlook on life and I've learned that life is so precious and I have to go hard all the way, all the time. I take my appreciation for life and apply it to my music and my creative process!

Having worked with artists like Lil Scrappy & Iam on the ATL banger "Crank It", how has this experience helped you raise your game as an artist?

Part of me being in the South was I listened and watched cats like Lil Scrappy come up. I already had a level of respect for the guy! He was a great guy to work with. Iam is like a brother to me and that goes without saying, but most importantly he is an amazingly talented individual.

Iam is part of a group out of Brooklyn, NY called Soul Mafia and with every song and every album he just sets new standards. He comes hard! Being an artist myself I understand when your on the playing field with these guys you have to come blazing.

Every track I do, I know I have to do my best and make it better than the track before becuase cats like Lil Scrappy and Iam and Soul Mafia are doing the same damn thing! Come hard or not at all!

Who else would/are you looking to collaborating with?

I have so many favorite artists I'd love to work with. Reel Big Fish, Stone Forest Ensemble, Outkast, Killer Mike, Damian Marley, and I'd love to do an album with Matisyahu!Now that you're back home, how often are you performing?

I love performing, I definitely feel like that is one of my strongest points. I try to perform at least once or twice a month. With the new debut album coming out on July 9th we are having an album release show Friday July 16th at Angels and Kings in New York, NY. The show starts at 8pm and tickets are $5.(So come check it!)

What are some of the ways that you put your self out there for potential fans to find your music?

The best way is to always be involved. Get out there! Meet people, shake hands, and introduce yourself. You have to have some sort of outgoing personality. Get out there an be in other artist's videos. Take photos with people and fans.

Stay relevant and current. Get on the Internet and Tweet, update your Facebook, and get on the other social media networks. Most importantly do you! Put out good music and get it out there for the world to hear!

What's next in Mike Petrone's game plan?

I'm always working! Anything I do musically or not, I apply it to my music. I may not physically be working on the next album, but im always working on my next project.

Next Year I actually plan on doing a lot of traveling and focus more on life experiences. I plan on climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa in February. I'm going to see the world a bit next year while continuing to put out great music.

I'll put out a lot more singles and more videos next year and keep hitting everyone with Mike Petrone, and then sometime in late 2011 I will start working on the sophomore album!

Anything you want your music fans to know? Advice for aspiring emcee's?

Stay Hungry! The game isn't easy, so don't fall victim to what the world says you need to do, but do what you want to do! This is YOUR life! Enjoy the world around you, be %100 and strive hard.

Big shout outs to Iam and all the guys in Soul Mafia, Krussia, Stone Forest Ensemble, Turn Table Izm Show & DJ Brown 13, Mobb Candy Magazine, Ariel Publicity, Everyone in Columbus, GA, Atlanta GA, Brooklyn NY, and most importantly Future Of Rap Music Blog Spot! You can hear more at PEACE AND LOVE YALL!

More from Mike Petrone:!/profile.php?id=1440757707&ref=search

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