Monday, May 16, 2011

Female Artist-Entrepreneur R.E.A.L. Opens Up In Exclusive Interview With Future of Rap Music

First of all, please tell the readers and future fans about yourself. Who is R.E.A.L. and what do you represent?

R.E.A.L is a well rounded female hip-hop artist from the Bronx. I represent truth and spirituality to sum it up.

Not only are you a female emcee and performer, but you are also an entrepreneur/ business woman as well. How does producing "The Main Event" concert series equip you with more skills for long term success in the music business?

As an artist you tend to focus mainly on your craft to ensure your success rate when creating a project. As an entrepreneur I have to handle my business personally. The Main Event has given me the opportunity to step outside of myself as an artist.

Although I love being creative, as an entrepreneur I've learned how to be the force that drives that same creativity to success.

REAL LIVE ENT. is your company, which provides opportunities for other independent artists to perform and showcase their talents. What would you say is your company's mission?

My company's mission is to bring back artist development. We will start from the ground up and prepare artist for the entertainment business. We focus on talent as business in order to give artist a competitive edge.

Writing, recording, performing, as well as managing day-to-do business tasks and dealing with other artists in a different capacity - that takes tremendous focus and discipline. How do you maintain balance between being an artist and an entrepreneur while just trying to live?

It does demand focus and discipline daily. Someone once told me when you're writing a book, you come up with the characters and you have to become each character. You can only be one character at a time so whoever you are writing about at the time you have to become that person.

It's the same thing for me, I'm just writing the book of my life. Which ever role I am playing whether it be artist or entrepreneur, I become that character in my book of life.

In your recent interview with Epic Network you make it clear that it is important to you that you stay on your own path. While you "commend your family's contributions to hip hop", you "feel no pressure" to live up to anything that they have accomplished.

I really admire that, and I was wondering if you can shed some light on where your DRIVE and passion comes from? What inspires and keeps you motivated to be successful both artistically and in business?

My drive and passion comes from being creative. What I have is God given and I am only a vessel. I appreciate my gift and I am inspired by the people around me. As for the business end I am inspired by the challenges I face daily.

On your Twitter page @!/REALLIVEENT, you're known as MZ. YOUTUBE. As an independent and underground artist how important is internet and video marketing to creating a buzz and promoting your brand?

It is very important to create a strong viral buzz because that is the direction the music business is going in. Some people would disagree with me when I say youtube views are important.

The fact of the matter is if it wasn't important they wouldn't count your views. Business is made up of number, your popularity is determined by numbers. It is important to have a full viral campaign, being successful in just one area will deminish your chances of reaching your ultimate goals.

You're currently working with a production team on a new project, which will be released through your own REAL LIVE ENT imprint. What can we the fans expect from your upcoming album "NEVER TOO LATE"?

Honesty, excitement, spirituality, just overall entertainment.

You're confidence definitely shows through and it is uplifting and refreshing. Is there any advice that you could pass on to the next generation of female artist-entrepreneurs?

I would say this is definitely not for everybody so you have to really want it. Identify your dreams and go after them and never stop.

I would just like to thank you for this interview opportunity. Lastly, is there any shout outs or important messages you would like to share with your fans?

I would like to thank everyone who supports me personally and professionally. My important message is: YOU ONLY GET OUT OF LIFE WHAT YOU PUT INTO IT.

More from R.E.A.L.:!/REALLIVEENT


  1. "I would say this is definitely not for everybody so you have to really want it. Identify your dreams and go after them and never stop."

  2. I'm not familiar with her music nor am I familiar with this website, but I love the fact that you guys did an interview spotlighting a talented individual. Good Job.



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