Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Video: Rez Interviewed on HollyShorts For Short Film 'Esha'

In this video clip, writer/director/film maker Rez from CityOnMyBack.com is interviewed by HollyShorts, at the short film festival in Hollywood. Big shout outs to Rez for all his hard work.

Follow @afilmbyRez on Twitter and check out his website at ItWasWitten.ca


  1. Is this his new endeavor right now? Does he know how to incorporate music and how to start a business in the music industry?

  2. Thanks for leaving your comments Nichole.

    Rez is actually a writer for the Cityonmyback.com blog, where he uses his outlet to promote the music of artists in the Greater Toronto Area. Isn't that very much in the business of the music industry?


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