Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Marketing Strategy, Eminem at the MTV Awards

Every year, the MTV Awards show entertains millions worldwide, featuring an all star line up of popular celebrities who are involved in skits, song performances and hilarious TV moments. Needless to say the expectations were high for the 2009 MTV Awards, so did they deliver ?

Well that is all up for debate in my honest opinion. I found what little of the awards show that I did watch to be quite entertaining. However, I did note an interesting "stunt" which coincidentally involves rap artist Eminem, whom I've mentioned in my posts a lot recently (mainly because of the hype garnered behind his highly anticipated Relapse album which just dropped on may 19th).

If you saw the MTV Awards, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. If you didn't catch it, or hear anything about it in the media then let me break it down for you. Sacha Baron Cohen who is a writer/comedian/actor (famous from his "Ali G" Show and "Borat" characters) unveiled his newest character "Bruno" during the MTV Awards. "Bruno", suspended from the catwalk by cables, was lowered down onto the stage, before what appeared to be a malfunction. Cohen landed directly on top of the rap superstar in quite the revealing position.

With ass and balls in face, a disgruntled looking Eminem seemed to be very pissed off, leaving his seat and storming up the aisle. But, was it all staged ? Originally the media portrayed it to be an "accident". However, a few days after the dust has settled, it is now being reported by various sources that the incident was actually a unique and unconventional method of promotion for both parties involved (Eminem and Sacha Baron Cohen).

While Em's latest studio album "Relapse" continues it's reign on many of the top album spots on Billboard (such as the number 1 album of the top 200, the top selling digital album online, and number 1 hip hop/r&b album) does the album/artist really need any more promotion or marketing ? Probably not, but it definitely only helps sales and does not hurt them.

This promotional stunt continues to gain plays on YouTube, as everybody who missed it is clicking to see what happened while others who witnessed it are still having a laugh. Looking back on the clip, it's easy to realize that the whole thing was rehearsed and staged. All I have to say on the matter is, well played.

Sacha Baron Cohen earns some media hype for his upcoming film which features his newest character creation "Bruno". While rap artist Eminem gains some extra publicity for himself and his album as it continues to be the top selling album out right now. This is an excellent marketing strategy that keeps both celebrities relevant in the media's eye during the promotional campaigns of their projects.

Anyone remember a few years back at the MTV Awards when there was a little bit of a stint between Eminem and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog ? What do you think ? Are balls in the face a good way of staying in the publics eyes and ears ?


  1. Original and creative........maybe. But shock value is a vicious cycle. Its like drugs; the more you use it, the more resistance is built up. Does this impact our society in a positive way?

  2. Good insight Taylor.

    Shock Value (like drugs) has it's pro's and cons. The use of shock humour does indeed impact society and probably not in the most positive way. I think the question is, where is the line drawn ? If everyone has there own line, where do they draw it ?

  3. I honestly did not (and still hold true to it) think Eminem was in on this. This may have been planned by "Bruno" but I do not think Eminem was involved in this. Think of the fact that he was swearing on live television for one, if that was planned they would have had to be "public friendly" with their language. Secondly, his bodygaurds throwing him around was a little rough, but there wasn't any fists throwen. Lastly, him storming off and missing the rest of the show.

    A few days later it is revealed that Eminem was "in" on the prank and that the whole scene was staged. I think that is just a ploy built up by his publicist so he saves some face instead of being labelled as a guy who cannot take a joke. That would be the last thing he would want as something as harsh as that could destroy an artists career (lesser incidents have done far worse).


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