Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Album Review: "InfoBahn" - Jus Randy

About a week ago, I was (honoured to be) invited to the media listening party for Jus Randy's new album "InfoBahn" at the Atelier in Toronto. While I did not know what to expect walking in, once I made my self comfortable I knew that the listening session was going to be a positive experience.

The following is my review of Jus Randy's new album release "InfoBahn" which is available now on Amazon.com and iTunes.

After the "InfoBahn" intro primes your mind state for the tone of the album, Jus Randy drops the hype and aggressive track "This Is War". Backed by a sick beat produced by Gameboy, it's no wonder that this was one of the first singles.

The track "Happy Endings" settles things down, with Jus Randy lyrically reminiscing and taking us down memory lane. The interlude entitled "The Legend of Hlidskjalf" features an audio clip describing the meaning of the word, leading into the track "Hlidskjalf (It's Too Damn Late)". This fierce track has Jus Randy going off on a banging beat.

Next up is one of my favourite jams on the album, the feel good joint "Gud Mawnin" featuring Ray Robinson and produced by the extremely talented Gameboy. I love this track! Now, whenever I have a shitty day I bump this track to flip my mood back to the positive.

"Motherland/Bulawayo" features J De Guvna accompanying Jus Randy on the track, over a hard beat with a dope M.O.P. sample on the hook just to hype it up even more. "Problem Child" is another sick track where Jus Randy flexes his vocal skills and presence on the track.

Following the "Euphoria" interlude, is the song "Never Leave You..." which is also a really dope banger. The next song is definitely on some ill shit. When you connect Jus Randy with Richie Hennessy on a smooth beat from Gameboy, what you get is the amazing collaboration of some serious Canadian hip hop talents on "I Will".

Once I heard this next interlude "Sky Walk", I got to thinking that Jus Randy is kind of spoiled. I mean, dude's interlude's have better beats then a lot of other rapper's albums, seriously.

"Glory" is a wicked collaboration between Jus Randy and up and coming singer/actress and model Maccie Paquette. This is definitely one of my favourites on the 'InfoBahn'.

It keeps getting better, with the feel good banger "Family Guy" which features Jus Randy lyrically paying homage to his fam. With those soulful horns on the beat, you've got no choice but to love it!

The track "What's The Forecast?" slows the pace yet again, before the "Denounment" brings the album to an interesting end, which I believe really just leaves it open for the next Jus Randy album project - which I can't wait for.

With a great mix of tunes that has a little something for everyone, from the hardcore hip hop heads to the mainstream music lovers, this is certainly an album that you don't want to miss. All in all, this album feels like a real good slice of Canadian hip hop music. I definitely recommend you go and cop your self the Jus Randy "InfoBahn" album right now!

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