Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jay-Z Learns To Live With Leaks, BluePrint 3 Arrives Early

The Blue Print 3 has leaked !!!

Just ten days before it's official release on September 11th, Jay-Z's highly anticipated album has hit the web. While this comes as no surprise to most, especially to the Internet "pirates", definitely something that was inevitably going to happen with or without any one's consent, i.e. major labels or the co-sign of Jay-Z himself.

Jay-Z recently told MTV through conference call that he is happy his music fans could preview the album before it's release. After all, leaks are what artists in the music business now have to realistically deal with.

But did the Jigga man plan to leak the album ? One can only speculate, however he is quoted as saying "..the whole thing is going to leak pretty soon" in regards to a question inquiring about the first 3 song leaks which are rumoured to have been released from super producer Timbaland's camp.

Are there any such security measures that an artist can take to ensure that their album does not leak ? It is actually better to embrace the leak and use it to your advantage. Create a buzz for your upcoming release by giving it away earlier !

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