Friday, November 18, 2011

New Joint: "Find One" - Montage One & Jake One (Produced by Jake One)

Download Montage One & Jake One's "Find One" (Produced by Jake One)

Being an artist on the road may be stressful, but it has its perks: you get to see the sights, perform in front of screaming fans, and even enjoy a little groupie love. And if you’ve got someone waiting for you at home… well, what happens on tour stays on tour, right? Not so fast.

On newly-leaked album cut "Find One," making its world premiere as the 15th entry in and Event Electronics20/20 Music Series, Montage One joins forces with rapper-producer Jake One to give his industry peers a reality check. Led off with a famous snippet from ‘89 film "Harlem Nights", Jake One’s funky sample work bangs in the back as he and the Los Angeles representer exhort fellas to give their women the love and respect they deserve—that means chocolate on Valentine’s and birthdays, spending time with the kids, and no breezy on the side (Or, if you must, don’t be stupid about it.)

This insightful jam, along with previous the previous 20/20 Music cut "Black Spaceships", can be found on 10.6.3 OGX, due out in February.

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