Saturday, January 16, 2010

Snoop Dogg/Priority Records Signs Cypress Hill To New Record Deal

This is a big move for the West Coast!

Snoop Dogg was made the Creative Director of Priority Records late last year, and his first move is a big one. Recently, Snoop signed the legendary and first latino-hip hip group Cypress Hill to the record label.

This deal will see Cypress Hill release their first studio album in about 6 years. While this absence of album releases would sideline any other hip hop artist or group, the members of Cypress Hill are still going strong in the rap music business.
Although they have not released an album, they have steadily recorded new music in the studio, being featured on a slue of tracks by other talented artists.

The group tours consistently, having made the big bill on the International Rock The Bells Festival hosted by Guerrilla Union. Also, Cypress Hill originated the International Smoke Out Festival which combines music fans and marijuana lovers (usually one in the same market). This is a smart marketing strategy for the group, who use the festival as a way of staying current.

Here is a clip of Cypress Hill performing live on George Lopez Tonight with Snoop.

The West Coast is back, like they never left!


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