Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Indie Rap Music - "Aftermath Pt.1" - Kil Ripkin Produced By Eric G

This is a leak from Kil Ripkin, comin' out of Coney-Island with some warrior music. Check out this sampler with good lyrics flowing nicely with distinct delivery and some great charisma.

Aftermath Pt.1" - Produced by Eric G. This short track is from the upcoming album The Balancing Act. The buzz behind this album continues grow as the release date quickly approaches.

Kil Ripkin is a member of The Coalescence with fellow rap artist Torae. Ripkin and the group have worked with some notable hip hop veterans and professionals, such as the legendary Kurtis Blow, Skyzoo and Chaundon.

Soulspazm Records is the label that stands behind this determined indie. Kil Ripkin is putting in work and quickly propelling himself towards success as an artist entrepreneur in the rap music business.

Once again, give the track a listen and leave some feedback on this artist. Don't be shy y'all! Big ups to Kil Ripkin for reading the blog and requesting to be featured. That's what happens when you connect with me!

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