Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Eminem's Relapse 2 Album Release Date Should Be Announced Soon

There's lots of hype going into Relapse 2, the sequel to rap star Eminem's most recent album which hit stores late last year. As the release date for this record should be announced soon (pfft, probably 4th quarter), all kinds of rumors will circulate regarding track list, production credits and guest features.

While the first Relapse album only featured 2 other guests, both of which were superstar producer Dr.Dre and rap artist entrepreneur 50 Cent, there's rumors that we may see more artist collaborations on this next project, including a track with the members of D12.

Reports are spreading that the all star production line up includes The Alchemist, Denaun Porter (D12), with Just Blaze and of course Dr. Dre all leaving their creative marks on the upcoming album.

If the last album is any indication of how good this next one will be, I'm sure music fans every where will get their fix. I know I'm hooked on the shit, let's have it!


  1. Eminem is losing its phase in the rap business, at his first he was a blast to this industry but now he’s raps lyrics and style is just slowly deteriorating from fame to lame.
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  2. I have to admit Eminem is cool at first but. But all those disastrous critical lyrics are not so cool but on the other hand I can’t help the fact that he’s darn gorgeous.
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  3. So both of you think that he's "fading out of the rap music business", and his lyrics and style are weak?

    Are we talking about the same rap artist, Eminem? His style and lyrics are unrivaled by any other. But still, I appreciate your comments.


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