Friday, February 19, 2010

Venus Vs Mars Radio Show, Jakk Doe & Waheeda Interview With Uncle Murda

Here is a pre-recorded live video interview with Uncle Murdah on the Venus Vs. Mars with Jakk Doe and Waheeda. Uncle Murdah talks a little bit about his hustle in the rap music business as an indie rapper building his own brand.

Rap recording artist Uncle Murdah was brought in and signed by Jay-Z at Roca-Fella-Records (which used to be a Def Jam subsidiary), but due to complications and politics the artist was dropped sometime after by the label.

Uncle Murdah also speaks about what he learned from Mr. S. Carter as an entrepreneur with many successful brands and business ventures. The rapper shares details on how he applies much of the same knowledge to build up his own artist-music brand as an indie and shares some of his future plans for impacting the rap game.

This was sent to me by Jakk Doe of the Venus vs. Mars radio show. Jakke Doe is an indie rap recording artist from Brooklyn, New York. His latest release entitled "The Road To Success (Da Pre-Album)" is out now and can be downloaded directly from his Myspacep profile. Jakk Doe is also C.E.O. of Black Cloud Entertainment.

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