Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rap Artist Drake Releases Statement Regarding Fake Promotion Scams

Rap recording artist Drake has just released a statement regarding the use of his name and likeness by fake promoters to fraudulently scam money from music fans across North America.

These scam artists are contacting promoters and venue owners, falsely representing themselves as Drake's manager in order to secure money in advanced of a show that is not actually scheduled to take place, only to never be heard from again. For more information please read the full article and quotes from the artist's statement at

One of the set backs of success in the rap music business is having to defend your self as a professional, especially when other people go to extreme lengths to tarnish your reputation and try to gain profit from all of your hard work. This type of shit is so blatantly disrespectful, that it pisses this blog author right off.

What do you think are some better ways that an artist can protect him self from a situation such as this one? Is there anything Drake could have done to prevent a fraudulent scam like this from happening?

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