Thursday, April 30, 2009

Successful Target Marketing Strategies For Rappers

Hey every one !

How is the music grind treating you ? Hopefully your having fun, making good music and good money. Maybe you have fans crowding into your shows and your buzz is building. If you aren't, you should subscribe to follow this blog (lol) because I want to help put you into that position ! But seriously, back to business.

It's about time I delve deeper into the effective strategies of target marketing for rappers. As a rap artist, your goal is to connect with as many fans as possible and establish a solid base to build upon. In order to do this successfully, rap artists (or their marketing teams) need to narrow down the focus to the wants and needs of music fans. This requires some attention and effort, but the pay off will be well worth the investment.

Always start with a plan, which should be focused on the perspective of your customers. There are three main perspectives to consider when targeting your marketing campaign. By finding geographic, demographic and psycho graphic information about your fans, you will be able to reach out and make a connection with them. This will help you turn your fan base, into your customer base.

Geographically, where are your customers located ? Think about your local, regional (state/provincial), national and international "fan scape" (fan landscape). Define your fans demographically by gender, age group and an estimate of their income. Last but certainly not least, the most important perspective of all is the psycho graphic relationship that all of these fans share.

Music fans come in all shapes, sizes, characteristics and personalities. Often times, we as artists or musicians forget to find the common qualities that our fans all share. Making real connections with as many of your most loyal fans as possible is a powerful promotional weapon in your music marketing arsenal.

Social Networking Groups

Take advantage of social networking sites like Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and the rest. Make it as easy as possible for your potential fans to find you and your music. Add friends to your networks and interact with people from all over the world. Opportunity presents itself in many forms.

Blog Posts

Keep your music fans up to date with all your current events and projects with a blog. Blogging is easy to do and it's an excellent way of staying in the mind of your fans. Blogger or WordPress are some good choices if you do not have the time to build your own in html.

Artist/Group Website

Having your own website is the best way to create and maintain a fan base. Make sure you provide artists with a newsletter, or something that they can sign up for with their names and e-mails. You want to collect as many e-mails as possible from willing recipients, this is one of the key elements of having your own website.

Artist-Fan Forum

If possible, create a forum for your music fans. Give them somewhere to go and converse or learn more about you as an artist. This strategy is also important for my next point about building a solid base of fans.

Legion of Loyal Fans

A legion of 10 loyal fans is worth more then a 1,000 "friends" on myspace. Loyal fans are the ones who are so passionate about your music and your image as an artist, that they will go to extreme lengths to spread the word and get your music into the hands of as many of their friends as possible. These people are the solid foundation on which you can build a huge fan base worldwide.

Lets quickly recap.

3 Perspectives of Target Marketing

Geographics - where are your fans located ?
Demographics - male or female ? age range ? How much money do they have for spending ?
Psychographics - what are the trends and patterns of your music fans ?

Build Your Fan Base

- Network socially.
- Maintain a blog.
- Create a website.
- Add a forum.

Most important of all is the combination of these three perspectives into a solid music marketing strategy. By studying your customers interests, needs, and spending habits you will be able to connect on the same level as your music fans. Fans that feel connected to their favorite artists are more likely to support them by attending the shows and buying the records.

Use these strategies to maximize the effectiveness of your music marketing campaign. Are you creating a big buzz in your area or online ? If so leave some comments and links to your page and you could be featured in my blog. Contact me for more information !


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  6. So if I want to build my fanbase with target marketing, I just need to get a legion of loyal fans? Did you actually think at any point while you were writing this?

    1. I'm sorry if my article wasn't helpful for you, but perhaps you did not understand what I meant between "fans" and "loyal fans", and how a loyal fan can be worth more then just 100 "fans" or "followers". It's not about the numbers, it's about a small percentage of those numbers having a greater impact when it comes to them helping to share your music.

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