Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Alert! Money Being Scammed From Artists Seeking Coverage In XXL Mag

XXL Magazine has recently posted this alert on their website, xxlmag.com. I would like to help create awareness to this scam, to prevent other independent hip hop artists from getting ripped off.

This is outrageous! Hip hop artists are being taken advantage of by this fraud, not to mention the damages this could have on the advertising department of XXL mag. In the rap music business, there will unfortunately always be those who try to unjustly profit from deceiving others. Whether it be in a case such as this, or through other methods.

The only thing a rap artist-entrepreneur can do as a precaution is to question everything. Still aren't clear? Run it by your attorney, he should know whats up, and if he doesn't it's time to look for a new lawyer. It is very important to keep your eyes peeled for any potential scams, protect your self!

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