Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mad Skillz 2009 Rap Up -

Every year hip hop recording artist Skillz drops the Rap up, a look back at the events that transpired in the media and pop culture. Skillz has been in the game for over a decade and has always brought witty and thoughtful lyrics over quality choice beats.

The year end 'Rap Ups' have become a tradition that the hip hop recording artists has used to create a very loyal and supportive music fan following. This is a useful strategy for all rap recording artists looking for a way to . Check it out, it's jokes.

Haha, Skillz always gets me! Here are some of the quotables I thought were a hilarious way to sum up the year...

"The industry got to get it in gear. 'Cuz it's bad, when a mixtape is really the album of the year."

"H1N1 was causin' drama, and we was all shaking our heads at lil mama, like...
why was you on stage - nobody gave you a que ? And with a head that big you should have thought that through."

"Whitney Houston got back to workin', the kids came up with this thing called 'jerkin'... where you take dancin' and rappin', combine the two. News flash, c'mon son... that aint nothin' new."

"...but the idiot of the year, is Tiger woods. Can you say fail ? Who else is named Tiger, why would you leave your name on the voicemail?"

Also, a classic Skill track featuring Mos Def and the High and Mighty. I always rock this track on the regular, it's called "B-Boy Document 99" from the "Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2" video game for the original Sony Play Station, first platform. Every emcee on this track delivers an absolutely hot verse. This track take me back.

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