Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Power of the Almighty F Word


Now a days the world is on a high speed productivity binge. We've all been guilty of over-planning, forgetting scheduled events and missing or showing up late to meetings. Eh, it happens to the best of us, especially people in the music business.

I will admit that sometimes I try to do so many things at once, which leads me to getting nothing done in the end. Soon after the work load begins to increase, which becomes overwhelming and its hard for artists to maintain vision while proceeding to live their personal lives throughout.

By keeping your mind in full focus mode, you create the power to accomplish your goals and follow through with your respective vision. I know, it sounds like I'm over exaggerating but I wouldn't bother to make this blog post if I wasn't absolutely certain that FOCUS is a key ingredient to music business success for a rap artist (or any recording artist attempting to succeed in the music industry).

Making the best use of your "time" is an important skill to master. Taking control of your time is a powerful way of being productive. By focusing on the short, mid and long term goals you will constantly be aware of your priorities as a professional rap recording artist. Even as I write this, there are many things on my mind that are distracting me from what I really want to get done or finally cross off my "list".

The first step is to write down your goals. YES ! I said write down, as in grab a sheet of paper and pencil or pen. I know it's old school, but it's a necessary part of the process and it works. When you write something down physically it registers in your consciousness more deeply then simply typing it. However, you can also type up your goals in word pad as well to keep a digital copy fresh in your e-mail for a reminder.

Your goals should be plotted out in a format similar to this example provided below:

SHORT TERM GOALS (A.S.A.P. 1 week -to the next- 6 months ahead)

1. Pay off all of my debts (a common goal for many people)
2. Save $ 3,000 in a "moving out money" account
3. Fund my own demo
4. Graduate from my music arts program
5. Create a press kit for my artist profile
6. Perform a series of music gigs locally
7. Create a "buzz" for the debut album

MID TERM GOALS (6 months -to- 1 year down the road)

1. Earn more income from music, gigs and merchandise (totally possible!)
2. Establish a large and effective music network (connect with connected people)
3. Buy a car
4. Attend a music conference
5. Perform at a regional or national event

LONG TERM GOALS (1 -to-5 year's from now)

1. Own a house
2. Work with a premier producer in the music industry
3. Release a follow up album

What's the point of all this ? This is the best way to track your own progress through your life and your life's work. You want to be successful, this is the price successful people pay. Investing the time in doing little things like planning and establishing personal goals or work related challenges is how successful people "get to where their going" in life. They stayed focused on a clear direction and arrive at their desired destination.

The truth is it's up to our selves personally to make the best of our time according to what we really desire in order to successfully improve our own lives. Half the battle of realizing your vision, is coming up with the vision in the first place.

Every one wants to be successful, everyone can be successful, but only the one's that maintain focus actually get what they want. This whole post applies to life as an up and coming professional in the music business. Whether you are the next big rap star, or a hot hip hop producer trying to make money from your work, focusing on your goals and planning the steps to achieve them are the keys to personal and professional success.

Focus comes from planning and planning makes it hard to fail.

What are your plans, dreams, goals and aspirations ? Leave your comments below and I'll reply a.s.a.p.. Lets work together to help you get there !

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