Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rap Artist Ja Rule Launches New Label, MPire Records

Can a one time successful rapper from the 90's make a resurgence now, starting all over ? Ja Rule seems to think so, and who's going to stop him this time ?

After a five year hiatus from the rap music business to pursue a career acting in Hollywood, Ja Rule is ready to make a come back. With a new album on the way, it seems only fitting that the once Murda INC emcee is starting his own record label, MPire Records.

Murda INC was Ja Rule's label, a subsidiary of the hip hop power house Def Jam Recordings. In the late 90's and early 2000's Ja Rule reigned on the Billboard with a string of smash hip hop and r&b/pop hits. Eventually criticized for his poppy "bubble gum" sound in the rap game, and humiliated by Eminem, 50 Cent and the G-Unit/Shady/Aftermath camp, the rappers career died down. However, there is no denying the success reached by the Murda INC music catalog back in that era of hip hop.

Now a days, Ja Rule is focused on creating a new and successful venture on his own, without ex-label co-owner Irv Gotti. While the rap artist has stated that he still receives support from his former business partner, the MPire Records label will be launched as an independent venture by Ja Rule on his own terms.

For his music fans, Ja has released his studio album "The Mirror", which had originally leaked previously all over the web just over a year ago. Although skeptical at first, about re-releasing a project that many fans could have already heard, the rap artist decided to release "The Mirror" anyway because many fans have contacted him asking why they have not yet found the album.

What do you think, can Ja Rule really make a come back, or are his days music business long over ? Are there enough Ja Rule fans still out there to make it a worth while venture for the rap artist, or should he stick to pursuing b or even c-list roles in the movie business ? Leave your comments below.

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