Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ludacris' New Joint Venture In Cognac, Creates The Brand Conjure

Many great rap artists have one common quality, they make good entrepreneurs. Maybe it has something to do with street mentality, maybe not, perhaps these people are naturally gifted thinkers. Some rappers are able to branch off in to other ventures outside of just the music, which of course helps with the artist's name branding in the music business also.

There are many examples, for instance St.Louis rapper Nelly has multiple clothing lines (Vokal for men and Apple Bottom jeans for women). New Yorkers Diddy and Jay-Z each have their own respective hip hop clothing lines, Sean Jean and Roc-a-wear. Hip hop business pioneer Russell Simmons (of Def Jam) started the Phat Farm clothing line, as well as many other lucrative business ventures such as communications companies.

Ludacris, an international rap superstar, is also a great rap entrepreneur who makes wise business decisions in choosing new ventures outside of music. His newest joint venture is with Kim Hartmann, who is the owner of the famous cognac brand Birkadel Hartmann. Conjure, is the name of the new brand which is tailored to the hip hop market. Hitting shelves this fall in the US, Chris "Ludacris" Bridges ensures that this venture is about creating a quality brand with a taste that can be appreciated.

More then just a money grab, the rap artist is known for getting fully immersed in all of his businesses. With a big role in the upcoming movie "Gamer", as well as a new album co-hosted with fellow label recording artist Shawna entitled "Battle of The Sexes", music and business fans alike can be sure they will see more and more of Luda. Cheers, to all my fellow cognac drinkers out there who, like me, still have some henney in your liqour cabinet.

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