Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fans are Key to Music Business Success

Music fans are the key to success in the music business, period. (...and you can't afford to ever forget that !)

As a rap recording artist or hip hop producer, your main goal should always be to focus on your music fans, because they are detrimental to your success in the music industry. Music fans are not just music consumers (customers), they can also be utilized as connections, helpful hands to have around. Music fans are the building blocks for your promotional and marketing campaigns.

What do your fans want ? As the artist, how can YOU give it to them ? How do you connect with your fans on a comfortable level, while still giving them inside access to your music and persona ? These are just a few of the reoccurring questions that will always be relevant, no matter what type of music business that you run.

Lets ponder this for a little bit, shall we?... Fans want exclusive all access passes to anything and everything you will grant them. That is what makes lasting impressions and even long term connections with people who are genuinely enthused and passionate about your music. They want to believe in you, but you got to give them the goods to persuade them.

Some fans will even go the extra mile to help their favorite independent artists launch their career into the next stratosphere of success.

  1. Active fan organizations
  2. Active fan participation
  3. Fan funding and financial support

1. Do you have a fan club, or similar type of group organization for your fans to connect with you and with each other ? If you already do, then thats great - you are ahead of the pack. If you do not, then start taking advantage and stop wasting precious time. Keep your fans active as well as actively pursuing your music.

2. Do you have fans participating in street teams, blogging and marketing campaigns ? Fans love to blog about the news and gossip revolving around their favorite recording artists. Street teams are always leading new people towards their music trends and a good marketing strategy will get fans actively involved in spreading your marketing/music message. This is an excellent way to get more marketing done ! Your fans are connected to many many people who are new listeners and potential fans in the making.

3. In unusual cases, somes fans even donate money for upcoming projects, sponsored events or sometimes a new venture. This may seem like a stretch but believe me when I say it has happend before, will continue to happen and is actually very helpful to an independent artist or producer who is just getting their wings and learning how to fly with the big boys.

How many of you have made real good ocnnections with your fans ? Have they ever converted from a fan to a investor or business partner ? Feel free to share any experiences you may have had in this regard.

Also, I've been working on that "digital music debate" post, I will keep you guys updated and let you know before I post it. I'm glad to see some new followers, hope you like what you're reading and big ups for staying connected. Much love.

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