Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Right Out The Gate, Indie Hip Hop Producer/Artist Phaze 1ne

It's not easy to separate yourself from everybody else in the hip hop community, especially when you're only 17 and you're white (unfortunately that still matters in some circles). It takes talent, hard work and a business savvy to stand out and survive out here, but the next generation is adapting at a rapid rate.

Flying right out the gate is Phaze 1ne, 17 year old hip hop producer/rapper and singer/lyricist coming straight out of Cleveland, Ohio. This young and talented producer/rap artist is quickly developing the traits of an artist-entrepreneur, as he starts to set him self up for a successful career in the rap music business.

Phaze continues to produce, record and engineer new tracks in his home studio for his growing base of music fans. Utilizing his networking ability he is beginning to pop up on other sites and blogs, also hitting up the Rap Music Biz blog in an effort to gain more exposure and create more awareness for him self as an artist.

Admiring his determination, I eagerly peeped the track he sent, entitled "Back Stabber". Pleasantly surprised with the quality of the track production and vocal ability, I bumped it again. This kid has got some skills and you need to check out his rap music.

Here's another Phaze 1ne video joint found on YouTube:

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