Thursday, July 30, 2009

Chris Brown Gets Some Help From YouTube Video

It's funny, some one asked me the other day, "Do you think Chris Brown will put out a new record?". Being the smart ass that I am, I replied "Not another record for teenage girls,". Well it turns out that, despite my rude jokes, Chris Brown is still receiving some love out there.

This "love" comes in the form of some added plays on YouTube from a newly married couple's wedding day dance, which put Chris Brown back on the chats. The video has earned over 11 million views, a huge boost which earns an increase in sales since the wedding video hit the web. The newly weds were featured on NBC where they re-performed their wedding dance.

Amounting to more record sales and royalty payments from his labels Jive/ Zomba Recordings, this extra exposure through this simple video is a positive note for the singer who has been through some rough tribulations as of late.

Chris Brown has been in the media for his very public assault trial with R&B/Pop sensation Rihanna. Brown, who posted a video apology on YouTube, has been indirectly
featured on a video that spread virally across the net. This video is of two newly weds dancing down the aisle to the singer's smash hit song from last summer, "Forever". The effect that this video has had on this artist in particular is a powerful sign of what YouTube can do to change the career of any artist in the music business.

How do you use YouTube ? Are you taking advantage of the useful ways YouTube helps independent artists market their rap music ?

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