Thursday, July 30, 2009

Independent Hip Hop Business Models At Work - Tech N9ne Case Study

Whats Good All ?

I was honestly thinking about making a case study post about the successful music marketing and business strategies implemented by independent hip hop artist Tech N9ne, but to no surprise a professor from the Berklee College of Music made this post before I did. Eric Beall, a professor of Music Publishing 101 at Berklee Music, and is the author of a blog that I frequent as well as a book that has inspired me to pursue a career in the music publishing business ("Make Music Make Money") made an excellent post about this. He actually nailed it, so I thought I would just share his post with all of you today.

Tech N9ne is said to have one of the most elaborate, creative and impressive stage performances out of any hip hop artist. This is quite amazing considering the artist is independently releasing his own records and managing his own music business. Here is the good case study from the Berklee Music Publishing Blog

Also peep this sick joint by Tech N9ne, Chino XL and Crooked I.

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