Thursday, July 30, 2009

Looking For A Record Deal, Why ?

Are you looking for a record deal, trying to get signed by a major label ? Why ? What do you expect the label to do for you as a rap artist in the music business ?

Ask yourself, what can a major label do for you that you cannot start to do now, by your self ? The whole catch 22 of getting signed to a label is that labels are only looking to sign an artist that already has his own vision, plans and music marketing strategies in action.

This is what is essential for building a successful venture in the music business. You must prove your worth or value, basically show the labels that you are already selling rap music and doing a damn good job of it. This will indicate that investing in your music is a wise and bankable option for the label.

Most artists will never get recognized by any major label, especially if they have not made it in to the music industry on their own. This usually happens the "hard way", where artists are kicking, screaming and fighting to get in through the music industry back door.

The truth is, if you are just "looking" for a record deal, you might as well be looking to win the lottery or follow the end of the rainbow to a fantasy pot of gold. Real rap artists break through the music industry scene by working hard, staying focused and achieving the goals that they have set for themselves and their music. So stop looking for a record deal, and instead go out there and create your own music business deals from which you can profit with your great music.

Check out the side bar of this blog for books that make excellent resources for learning the ins and outs of the music business (I have also read and recommend these particular books). Books, however, will only lead you to the door way, you must walk through it on your own accord.

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