Sunday, December 20, 2009

Underground Hip Hop Artist K-Os Hosts Fan Give Aways For E-mail Subscriptions

That's right folks, it's some creative hip hop marketing strategies in action by none other then one of the best indie hip hop sensations coming out of Canada. Mainstream and nationally acclaimed recording artist K-Os is changing his current newsletter to a new and more improved version.

In an effort to expand his e-mail marketing campaign, the hip hop artist has implemented a fan give away to ensure that his current subscribers feel they are still getting some value form being subscribed to his newsletter. Plus it provides some extra incentive for new subscribers, who also want a piece of the free merchandise, to join the list.

Music fans can enter for a chance to win a K-Os hoodie or T-shirt of their choosing, plus a free copy of the latest studio release from the hip hop artist, entitled "Yes!" (2009).

K-Os has had an amazing career, being in the rap music business since the early 1990's. It is due to marketing strategies like these, creatively planned and implemented that attribute to the hip hop artists main stream success. As you can see, catering to your music fans pays off dividends in the end. K-Os is rumored to be appearing as a guest feature on the highly anticipated debut album "Thank Me Later" from Drake, hip hop's newest sensation from Canada.

Peep the video from K-Os's single "I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman" feat. Saukrates. This joint is dope !


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