Friday, April 17, 2009

Rap Music Leaks Continue, Market Demands High

Here we go, again...

New school rapper Asher Roth has been making some noise lately. His featured single "I Love College" is slowly falling from 12th to the 18th spot on the Billboard Hot 100 music charts, but the new album, "Asleep In The Bread Aisle", continues to receive hype and praise. Asher Roth's album has leaked before it's scheduled released on April 21st. *sound the horns* The Internet strikes again.

Earlier this week the new upcoming album "Deeper Then Rap" by artist Rick Ross surfaced and spread across the Internet. Officially this album is supposed to drop on April 21st (same day as the Asher Roth release). Obviously somebody somewhere got there hands on it and decided to share it with the world. To be honest, I don't know how pissed off Rick Ross, or Asher Roth will get over these album leaks.

If music fans are interested enough to download your music before it even comes out, you have to concentrate on the positive effects and impacts that this has on your career as an artist in the music business. The fact that there is a high enough demand for your music before it's release can significantly benefit the marketing efforts of your music brand.

Rap music albums have been leaking for years. Superstar artists were quick to dismiss the effectiveness of an album leak, in the beginning every one was skeptical. Over the more recent years how ever, professional rap stars have received a huge career boost from an album leak.

LiL Wayne is a classic example, The Carter 3 album leaked and had impressive sales numbers that couldn't be denied. Ever since the rapper's career has been in full swing and he has become a huge hit in pop culture. Who can argue with good results from a "bad" break. Roll with it and make it work for ya !

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