Monday, May 4, 2009

Rap Music Leaks of the Week

This posts includes a list of leak victims from the past week or so.

"The Voice", new album from southern rapper Mike Jones leaked online on April 22nd, then it officially released on April 28th. Hip hop (sick) artist Tech N9ne's anticipated album "Sickology 101" hit the web on the 22nd of April as well. The album was also released on the 28th.

"Fantasy Ride" is the new album from sexy R&B sensation Ciara, which officially hit the streets and shelves at record stores on May 5th. It leaked almost 2 weeks early after hitting the world wide web on April 23rd.

I make mention of these leaks because I have begun to notice a trend of leaks occurring earlier and earlier. As we have become a more tech savvy society, even moderately skilled computer users are learning how to find music from an album before it's even released. That's incredible !

After 10 years of ripping and burning new music and creating unique mixes, music fans are even taking control of the supply-and-demand principle. Leaks used to happen the night (or 2/3 days) before an actual release date for an album. Some albums have been leaking 2 to 3 weeks in advanced, sometimes even a month before which is unheard of. Could it just be that there is no coincidence, people who steal the music from an album before it's release will do so whenever they can ?

What do you think ? How often do you search for the torrent of an album and download it before it's even hit the street ? I rip music all the time, actively sharing my favorite songs with friends and peers. I understand the ethical argument, so stay tuned for one of my next posts which will go in depth on the great debate of digital media: downloading.

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