Monday, July 2, 2012

New Video: "4 Deep In A Honda" - Ollie Ox featuring CZVG, Jake Palumbo & Ciphurphace

Courtesy of SpaceLAB Recordings, peep the newest music video for "4 Deep In A Honda". This feel good hip hop joint features dope verses from four independent emcee's who all add their own unique flavour to the track. The song is from Ollie Ox and it features CZVG, Jake Palumbo & Ciphurphace. Check out the full details from the press release:
SpaceLAB Recordings is kicking off Summer 2012 with the first in what will be an onslaught of TEN (10) music videos released by year's end from it's plethora of new physical & digital releases.

The first round out of the clip is "4 Deep In A Honda", a posse song – as well as the namesake of 2011's successful coast-to-coast tour from NYC to LA – that is featured on Ollie OX's most recent LP, "Dancing With Ammo". Joining Ollie OX on this wild rumpus crammed into a mid 90's 4-door sedan across the bowels of America are his "4 Deep In A Honda" tour & SpaceLAB label-mates, C-Zar Van Gogh, Jake Palumbo, & Ciphurphace. With a sing-songy, call-&-response chorus & 4 distinct verses with bars that will satisfy even the pickiest & jaded ears, the track is executed with precision.

The music video meanwhile captures the extremely humorous & sarcastic personalities of the four emcees, and even shows you the many different types of destruction that can be found behind the wheel of a runaway automobile!! Buckle up, kids.

The video is Directed by Jack Simpson
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