Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Video: "Who Do You Love?" - Stereo Crowd featuring Niki Darling

Here's something dope and different. The official music video for Stereo Crowd's "Who Do You Love?" featuring Niki Darling. The video was directed by Ali Powell comes to us courtesy of the I AM PR Agency.

Stereo Crowd is:
Guitar/Vocals: Paul-Anthony Surdi
Bass/Vocals: VFerg
Guitar: Robert Keith
Drums: Jamie Robinson

VFerg –>
“Our first video, “I Got It”, showed us in our natural environment. Having fun in Harlem in a social party vibe atmosphere. This time around we wanted to see how far past the traditional we could stretch things. There is an allure behind someone who is a superhuman because you don’t know what they are capable of physically or emotionally. Throw in some negative emotion and relationship conflict and things really heat up. “Who Do You Love” is about deceptively doing “just enough” to keep a person interested in a relationship without really telling them how you feel. The conflict that this type of relationship situation causes is now escalated because the score can be settled using powers beyond that of the average mortal. If you break the heart of a Phoenix, you may have some serious issues. ”
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