Monday, January 11, 2010

Lloyd Banks Arrested In Assault, Held By Canadian Immigration

Remember the DMX-related post I made on considering the consequences of your commitments in the music biz?

Banks must (obviously) not read this blog, or he might have thought twice before pulling a stupid ass stunt like this one. First of all, what kind of artist shows up late, performs half of one track and then bounces out on the fans and everyone involved with the show. WTF are you thinking ?

Chris Hines, a respected and nationally acclaimed booking agent concert promoter, was victimized in a brutal beating and also robbed on January 9th, in Ontario Canada. The assault occured after an incident at club NV in Brantford, Ontario where Banks walked off the stage after showing up late to angry fans.

Evidently it takes six 'tough guys' in a group assault to beat down one hard working individual. C'mon, stomping someone you had a working relationship with for years, after getting paid to totally disappoint your music fans? That's a super spaghetti dish served with some extra-weak sauce.

Hines, who also represents his own company Chris Hines/ Ultimate Entertainment, briefly comments on the event in this exclusive interview with

Rap artist Lloyd Banks, who posted bail at $50,000, was held at a detention center by Canadian Immigration for not disclosing his full criminal background before coming up across the border. Banks is reportedly still sitting in the facility in tucked away south western town Milton, Ontario.

**Other News Updates**
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In reference to Will Ferrel's "Your Welcome America; One final night with George Bush", I'm giving 'Banksy' a new nick name. I'ma call you Lloyd "MAJOR MUHFUKKIN' FAIL" Banks.

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