Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Joint: "I Like It" - Local MU-12 featuring Stryfe, RP, NOM & Fokis

With Sadat X's latest single "We In New York" currently tearing up the internet and radio airwaves (song was played on Hot 97 by DJ KaySlay & "The Morning Show" with Sway on Shade 45) and Stryfe releasing his EP, "The Opening Act", Loyalty Digital Corp is back with another dope song called "I Like It".

“I Like It” is Local MU12's second single which features Stryfe alongside his fellow Union Members RP, NOM & FOKIS.

Produced by Real McKoy, a fellow Local MU12 member.

Download: “I Like It” - Local MU12

Connect: @stryfed | @rpeezy1465 | @Nom_illmatic | @fokeezy | @Realmckoymusic | @loyaltydigital

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