Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Video: "It's Not Always Pretty" - IAME

Portland, OR --- Iame is the only member of both Oldominion and Sandpeople, two of the most notable hip-hop crews in the Oregon. These two collectives have been the launching pad for the careers of Illmaculate, Grayskul, Boom Bap Project, Sleep, Sapient, and many more artists coming up out of the Northwest.

Now Iame proves he’s ready to step out on his own as well. Considered one of the Northwest's talented lyricists, Iame’s new album Lame was created as joke in response to people who couldn’t get his name right. However Lame is anything but, and the album is a true testament to his ability as a wordsmith and is an honest depiction of who Iame truly is.

The new video “It’s Not Always Pretty”, which was directed by Phil Haleen, shows Iame’s relentless DIY attitude. In the song, Iame, who is now completely sober, also speaks about a past reliance on alcohol and drugs, at the time dismissing them as “a small price to pay for the talent I provide”.

After deciding to take a path of sobriety, Iame emerges clear headed and proves this is just the beginning of a promising career. As an added bonus, Iame is also giving away a Free download to the song “It’s Not Always Pretty”, as well as the remix, which you can download at http://dl.dropbox.com/u/22981887/IAME_INAP.zip.

In the remix, Iame altered some of the lines in order to further explain his past relationship with alcohol and drugs. The original track and remix were both produced by Smoke M2D6, who produced the entire album Lame. Both versions also are accompanied by exclusive cover art by Matt "SOMEONE" Kenitzer, who runs the clothing/art company Piece by Piece Mission.

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