Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kats & Domer Present New Music By Free Ice Cream, Bohemian Rap CD

Here is some new music from a unique group that is putting it down!

Kats and Domer present "Bohemian Rap CD" from the hip hop collective Free Ice Cream. Comprised completely of samples from the classic Queen tracks, this exceptional 6 track compilation features five original emcee's based out of New York.

Jake Lefco, IllSpokinn (Spokinn Movement), Ryan-O'Neil, Kats & Domer uniquely reinvent the classic rock tracks with a fresh breath of hip hop style. With original lyrics and good beats, every hip hop music fan would enjoy this collection. Visit for all the group's rap music, artwork, videos, merchandise and their blog.

You can listen to and download the "Bohemian Rap CD" for FREE here:

Here is a track that I enjoyed from the compilation.

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