Monday, March 1, 2010

New Hip Hop Music, "Biochemical Fighter" By Alfie McFly, Unsigned Rapper From Sweden

What up y'all!
Today's new hip hop music exclusive comes all the way from Sweden! This is unsigned emcee Alfie McFly, an indie rap artist doing his own thing, writing lyrics and recording new tracks.

Alfie McFly's first upcoming mixtape release, "Black Kid of Tomorrow" is due to be out next month, dropping in April 2010. As that date quickly approaches, Alfie is on a mission to gain more exposure for his music by executing marketing and promotion campaigns to build his fan base.

As part of that mission, the unsigned emcee took the time out to hit up this blog to create some more awareness for his music. Listen to Alfie McFly's latest single here: "Biochemical Fighter"
Alfie McFly's Blog
Alfie McFly on Twitter

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