Monday, August 17, 2009

Bow Wow Signs With Cash Money, Breaks News Through Twitter

Bow Wow recently announced that he has signed a new record deal with Cash Money, joining the likes of LiL Wayne and the Young Money Entertainment camp, which features newest hip hop golden boy Drake, female emcee Nicki Minaj as well as many other young music talents. The young star continues to put himself out, marketing through many means, from his short-lived "beef" with Soulja Boy Tell Em, to his many roles on TV and in film, this young entrepreneur obviously knows enough to have survived this long in the entertainment business this long.

Bow Wow, still fresh at 22, has most recently made several appearances playing the role of "Charlie", the character of a young comedtic tv writer/actor on the HBO hit show Entourage. His role lasted a noticeable number of episodes, spanning through 2 seasons before his character inevitably was written out of the show. The young and talented rap artist/actor is positive he's making the right decision, to sign with a label that is absolutely hot in the music industry right now, boasting an impressive roster of upcoming rap music stars on top of the obvious LiL Wayne co-sign.

The rap artist/actor broke the news to fans about signing his new deal through his Twitter page. "BOW WOW SIGNS WITH CASH MONEY", he announced. It is interesting how many artists in the hip hop community are capitalizing on the social phenomenon of Twitter, posting updates and breaking news directly to their fans.

What do you think ? I've never been a big Bow Wow fan, but I can appreciate the man on an entrepreneurial level, and recognizing that he has a good eye/ear for whats hot right now. This is a great move for Bow Wow, but is it smart for Cash Money ? Pennies for your thoughts people, leave 'em !


  1. I both of them will benefit from this contract, if not none of this happened anyway. An artist should also have entrepreneurial skills to survive the business.

  2. Very true Alicia.

    Thanks for leaving your comments. I checked out your blog and web page, they look great and I hope to frequent them now more often. :)


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