Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jay-Z Puts Music Execs In Check, Provides Tips For Record Labels' Future

In a recent interview with BBC, Jay-Z provided some good insight for music execs and record labels heading in to a uncertain future in the rap music business. The message was clear and simple, "streamline your main acts, sign less acts, create a high demand for the few talented artists that you have,".

Simply put, if the record label signs 25 rap artists, each releasing records in that same genre, the label is just not going to see any profits. It's hard enough for one talented artist to break through, can you imagine how hard it is to forcefully market 25 artists?

The rapper continued on to note, "the first year I was at Def Jam we put out 56 artists. There's not 56 great artists in the world,". Over the years, hip hop mogul and artist-entrepreneur Jay-Z has earned more then enough experience to stick around for a tremendous amount of time in the industry. This style of "working smarter" is exactly why he continues to get good results in all of his business ventures.

Selling rap music is a competitive business. To be successful requires thorough planning and strategic action towards your overall goal, which should be to profit from entertaining millions of music fans world wide.

As an indie hip hop artist/rap record label, how do you feel about Jigga's advice?

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