Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lil Wayne's Rebirth Leaks Due To Pre-Orders and Uncertain Release Date

By now, it's not really news. After months of uncertainty regarding the release date of Lil Wayne's newest studio album, the inevitable finally happened. The album leaked ! I haven't checked it out just yet, but with a string of interesting features and Weezy's decision to step outside of the box with this one has me interested enough.

Apparently though, pre-orders from online retail outlets such as Amazon are a probable cause for the leaks. I doubt that the self pro-claimed "best rapper alive" will be missing out on much royalties due to the leaks. Considering the level of success attained from Lil Wayne's last album, "The Carter III" which also leaked well in advanced of it's official release.

Besides, Wayne has been in the rap music business long enough to successfully draw from other revenue sources such as creative licensing deals. Aside from just his own music, the artist-entrepreneur has built up a talented roster of young hip hop recording artists with his Young Money imprint.

Check out this pretty sikk joint with Eminem called "Drop The World"

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