Saturday, December 19, 2009

Charades of Chris Brown Continue, R&B Artist Leaves Twitter Followers Hanging

Chris Brown has 172,000+ followers on Twitter. Scratch that, the R&B singer had 172,000 followers, until he ditched them after another one of his rants. Chris Brown posted a tirade of tweets whining about being "black balled" by the big chain Wal-Mart, who Brown accuses of not-carrying his new album on store shelves for the holiday season.

Really, these problems should be addressed behind closed doors between suits and corporate robots. However, the combination of social technology these days mixed with celebrity youth is a recipe for these types of indiscretions. Chris Brown, clearly emotional, if perhaps was older and more experienced would not have caused such a rant in front of his followers.

This type of fore sight can help keep you out of these type of "foot in mouth, head up ass" situations one can get caught in as an artist in the music industry. A stunt to promote, or draw attention, can be very effective as a music marketing strategy for your brand and/or product. However, it can also back fire.

Almost like inviting a "lucky music fan" on stage for a little tango, when she could crush you ! Ha ha, this picture gets me every time. Look at dude's face on the left, with the orange hair, hilarious.

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