Tuesday, October 6, 2009

T-Pain's A Hit, AutoTune iPhone App Achieving Success In Digital Sales

The "I Am T-Pain" application for the Apple iPhone is starting to pick up some serious steam. Quickly after it's release, the app has reached a plateau of over 300,000 digital downloads. At $2.99 USD a download, that adds up to be roughly $897,000 earned in sales. Not too shabby.

T-Pain is currently hosting a contest for the funniest remakes of his songs. Users are encouraged to send their video remix through YouTube. The rapper is offering cash prizes for the winners as incentives. One of the songs many people have chose to remix is the funny "I'm On A Boat" track which was written by The Lonely Island (a group of actor/comedy writers from Saturday Night Live) featuring T Pain.

All in all, over 1 million user generated recordings have been made using this application. Pretty impressive numbers for only being on the market about one month.
Check out this cool video of other hip hop artists using the I Am T-Pain application for the Apple iPhone.

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