Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Apple Settles Out of Court With Music Publisher Eight Mile Style

Although details have remained concealed, a settlement has been reached between Apple and Eight Mile Style LLC, after a brief outing with the courts. As per my previous post on this subject, I thought I would present this short follow up.

Eight Mile Style is the music publishing company which represents the interests in a music catalog containing a number of tracks created by superstar rap artist Eminem. Corporate giant Apple, thought they had secured a deal with Aftermath Entertainment, to use certain Eminem recordings for commercials promoting their iPod products, as well as the right to sell the tracks through their iTunes program.

Unfortunately, this whole debacle ensued due to the fact that Aftermath Entertainment did not in fact an owning interest in the tracks named specifically. Those rights are held by Eight Mile Style, LLC, who went on to file suit against Apple.

A new deal is apparently to be re-structured, so what's the big deal ? Well aside from a few million dollars during a recession, nothing. It's some Shady shit. Welcome to the rap game.

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