Monday, October 12, 2009

BET Hip Hop Awards Aims To Be Highlight Of October

Hip hop events are unlike any other, but one in particular is always regarded highly above most. The BET Hip Hop Awards show is where most hip hop, R&B and rap recording artists would love to receive recognition from their peers and the industry.

Most of the hip hop discussion this month will no doubt be about the awards show nominee's, performers and celebrity host plus guest list. This event takes place on Tuesday October 27t, being held in Atlanta Georgia. This year's ceremony will be led by the hilarious and talented Mike Epps will will surely kill it.

The page on features a count down as we draw closer to the show. Who are some of your favorite nominee's and/or artists performing ? Here are some of my predictions or three of the categories that interest me most.

I'm thinking that Rookie of the Year award is going to be no contest. Drake's year in the game has made him a household name in the popular rap music genre, making a large commercial impact. The other rap artists in this list made significant gains as well, I believe he will win. Kid Cudi cannot be counted out, I'm thinking he will be the runner up if not the actually award winner. Wale, B.O.B. and Dorrough get honourable mentions.

The list of nominee's for MVP of the Year '09 is all heavy hitters (save Drake, who has had a breakthrough year), but who's going to take it ? Jay-Z, T.I., Kanye West, and Lil Wayne all had a great year, but I'm going to put my chips on Wayne for this one, just got that feeling.

As for a category close to my heart (lol) the hip Hop Blog of the year. This one is a tough call, seeing as all of the sites/bogs listed are extremely credible and provide readers with quality posts.,,, and are visited by this blog author frequently, but I have to say my favorite above all is I think AllHipHop is taking this award home this year.

Post up some of your predictions.

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