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Yung Juggz of RSNY Exclusive Interview With F.O.R.M.

Yung Juggz represents 1/4 of the collective RSNY MUSIC. The Far Rockaway, New York native, Yung Juggz, drops lyrics much more professionally than his name might suggest. His lyricism, paired with the melodic beats he rhymes over makes for a fresh sound and original talent in the music industry.

Having already released some of their own music videos, a Grammy nomination, countless hours of studio work, and a global following that includes large pools of music fans from London, Germany, and Jamaica, artist Yung Juggz predicts that he will be the next big thing.

But in this day and age of Kanye West's and DJ Khaled's, there is nothing wrong with being a little over confident, perhaps even cocky. In fact, that just might get Yung Juggz to the place he wants to be.

In this exclusive interview with F.O.R.M., RSNY member Yung Juggz shares his experiences in the rap music business.

F.O.R.M.: Not only are you an artist, but you are also apart of the collective RSNY. Can you elaborate on what RSNY is all about, and what motivated you to start it up?
Yung Juggz: Formed in 2007, RSNY consists of four motivated artists (Yung Juggz, Rockstar Remix, DrugzzzyB and H.B.K), all rising from the neighborhood of Far Rockaway, NY. RSNY's output varies due to its unlimited versatility, musical direction and solo capabilities that each member brings to the group.

We are best known for songs such as "Another Lover", "Private Affair" and "Addiction Remix”.

RSNY brings a combination of Rap, Rock, R&B, Pop, Dancehall (Reggae) & Funk into one cohesive and melodic sound. We have performed all across New York in venues such as Santos Party House, 92Y Tribeca, Amazura, Sway, as well as Miami, FL and only the sky is the limit!

We are making a statement of a "New Era" of New York music. In addition to the music RSNY has also been able to captivate an audience with our very own reality show "Welcome to the Society" via YouTube.
F.O.R.M.: Recently, you traveled to Jamaica to shoot your latest video "Live Your Life", how does this affect the group's marketing strategy moving forward?
Yung Juggz: This project is going to affect our marketing in a great way. Shooting the video in Jamaica is giving us the opportunity to treat our fans in other markets of music. Its is going to help up build a broader audience which will help us further our career.
F.O.R.M.: How are the fans receiving and responding to the "new" sounds of your music?
Yung Juggz: At first I think they are surprised to hear such a diverse mix of genres. You hear hip-hop then you get some reggae then you get a hint of some R&B and then we switch it up on you and throw you something alternative. But as a whole mix, I believe the people love the refreshing new sounds that we are bringing to their ears.
F.O.R.M.: Have you ever had any doubts about following your dreams, or have you known all along that you were bound for success in the music business?
Yung Juggz: I knew since the age of 8 years old that music was going to be my life...My first performance was at my parents wedding reception where I sang "A Whole New World" alongside my older sister for our parents. As I grew older my parents supported my talents 100% so from that point on I just knew that I was destined to be in the music industry.
F.O.R.M.: Being a self-funded indie artist, do you feel recognized for your efforts building your own brand?
Yung Juggz: Honestly it feels great because I get to make my own decisions about what direction I want my career / project to go. I have total creative control. I'm not gone lie, running a career that is self-funded at times it can get rough but hey you gotta spend money to make money. I feel like our efforts are recognized because of the trends we set...The people show us that we are recognized by rocking our gear (Rockstar Society) and using our lingo (Frasslane).
F.O.R.M.: What's next for you, and RSNY?
Yung Juggz: Well we have a lot of things in store for the future. We just dropped our newest music video for "Rather Be With You" on 4/20 at 4:20pm, so right now we are working hard to promote it. We will be doing a lot more traveling soon and you will be seeing us perform on many more bills in the greater New York area.
F.O.R.M.: I would just like to thank you for this interview opportunity. Lastly, is there any shout outs or important messages you would like to share with your fans?
Yung Juggz: I wanna thank you guys for having this interview with me...and yes I would like to thank all fans, supporters and friends that have been supporting us since day 1.

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