Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye West's Publicity Stunt At MTV Video Music Awards

Most of you are well aware of the incident that took place at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday in New York City. Upon winning her very first award, pop-country music star Taylor Swift's acceptance speech was cut short by producer/rap artist Kanye West. I wont get into details about the incident, we'll keep it straight business. Peep the articles at, or hit up YouTube to watch the clip.

Since the awards show, however, Kanye West has been everywhere in the news, as the media is keeping a close eye. Shortly after the incident an "apology" was made via the artist's blog, where the hit producer defended his actions amidst a rant. The following night, Kanye appeared on the debut of Jay Leno's new talk show, where the rapper was put on blast for "ruining the singer's moment". You know 'Ye though, how he's always got something to say.

Either way you look at it though, people are writing and talking non-stop about this little stunt, which is being heavily publicized to say the least. Specifically, speculations have been made that MTV actually organized the whole situation, especially after the Eminem-Bruno fiasco created a buzz, having successful impacts for both Eminem's "Relapse" album and Sacha Baron Cohen's movie "Bruno".

Also, consider that MTV is no stranger to controversy, always pushing the limits in an attempt to boost their ratings. Well it works, and well as you can tell ! Not only did MTV get significantly higher ratings, but the awards show which known for it's stunts lived up to the hype once again. You know that Taylor Swift is going to ride this promotional wave, appearing on the View. The pop-country singer received tremendous support from fellow MTV VMA award winner Beyonce, as well as many celebrities and fans.

Whether or not this whole Kanye West-Taylor Swift stunt was manufactured or not, both artists have an excellent opportunity, having the buzz surrounding them that can be strategically used to their marketing advantage. Although, it is in this writer's opinion that the stunt was completely organic, meaning not created by MTV on account of how 'Ye has a history of these sort of out bursts. The ego from this dude's persona could not possibly get any bigger, however he still makes headlines, and you gotta respect that much.

How does this help Kanye ? Twitter almost over loaded with tweet regarding the rapper, which in it self is a story that made the news. Also, the following day, both artists were interviewed on TV shows boasting celebrity hosts with millions of viewers. Plus this music business marketer personally noted that before the awards show even finished, many popular blogs had already broke the news !

Publicity stunts such as these can have tremendous effects on the marketing campaigns for an artist in the rap music business. Have you ever stirred up a controversy surrounding your music persona ? Share your experience with us.

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