Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jay-Z Spends Friday Entertaining Fans With String Of Interviews And Live Performances

Superstar rapper Jay-Z has been busy performing live shows and promoting his album. MySpace Music hosted a live performance by Jay-Z in front of many Brooklyn rap music fans, where the rapper hails from originally.

Aside from that, lets take a look at other things this rap artist entrepreneur and music business mogul did this week to create awareness of his brand and further increase his legacy.

-- Charity/benefit concert at MSG in NYC
Special guests; Kid Kudi, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Mary J Blidge, Kanye West among others. With an all star line up like that, it's no wonder the show sold out almost instantly. It's great to see HOV donating to a good cause as well.

-- Dj Hero hosts special gig in the artist's hometown of Brooklyn before the big show.
DJ Hero is releasing a RENEGADE EDITION of the game featuring the hit song by Jay-Z & Eminem, while both rap superstars are scheduled to perform a show to kick off the launch of this new game.

-- HOV Tells All To The Big O
Billboard reports that Jay-Z will also be on the Oprah Winfrey Show, and featured in "O" Magazine.

Jay-Z is scheduled to be interviewed on the popular political talk show REAL TIME with hilarious comedian Bill Maher.

-- Video Premiers, Interviews and Other Performances...
The rapper is appearing on a string of networks promoting the videos for the singles of his new album BP3. Jay-Z will then embark on tour to perform for music fans all over North America, including shows in London and Toronto Ontario, Canada.

It's hard to reach "Jay-Z status", when HOV is still tearing it up like a true rap music business mogul. Not to toot the rap-entrepreneur's horn, but he does have a habbit of setting the bar with a hard grind. This is probably why he is nominated for numerous honours at the BET Hip Hop Awards this year.

What do you think ? Too much corporate sponsored appearances, or Jigga really reaching out to his fans by expanding his empire ? Leave your two cent piece.

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