Thursday, September 3, 2009

BET Hosts Competition To Name Voters For Hip Hop Awards Show

BET is having a contest to find 75 voters to judge their upcoming Hip Hop Awards 2009 show. The idea is genius actually, attract die hard rap music fans and enthusiasts by testing their knowledge on certain elements of the genres, such as history and trivia.

This is an interestingly fun and interactive way for music fans to become involved with the process of deciding the artists most deserving of the awards. Contestants can submit an application directly through, although members who receive the BET newsletter are e-mailed a link to the applications.

The application features questions such as:

"In your own words, how do you define hip hop ?"

"Finish this lyric...."

"Can you name all of the hosts of BET's show Rap City ?"

This is a great marketing strategy that should surely build up an interesting buzz leading up to the show, which will be broad casted live to millions of viewers on BET Thursday October 27th. The Hip Hop Awards show will be hosted by comedic actor Mike Epps, as well as feature such artists as Jay-Z, LiL Wayne, Drake, Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss among many others! Go to BET.Com to find out more.

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