Monday, August 31, 2009

Rap Music Business - Checklist For Success

I got to thinking the other day, rappers sometimes need to be refreshed on the formula for a successful career in the music business. This post is for all those independent hip hop artists out there who need a little direction. Here is a checklist of the necessary elements to gain music fans and earn an income from your wild adventures in rap music.

My Checklist For Success

1. Great Music

That's right, numero uno, the number 1 key factor in a successful music business enterprise is GREAT MUSIC. Think of Dre, Snoop and Pac among others at Death Row Records, to the Notorious B.I.G. at Bad Boy Entertainment. These labels could not have possibly reached iconic status without adhering to this first priority, great music. Without having music that people will feel, relate to and believe in, all the other items on this checklist become irrelevant.

2. Creative Strategy (Business)

As the creator of your own music you may have never expected to also assume the business responsibilities of your career. The most effective artists know how to market their music because they do not need other people to connect them to their fans.

This is achieved independently through the use of creative direct-to-fan marketing tactics. These strategies have worked for so many indie rap artists who get their tracks placed in movies, games and on TV shows due to popular demand from the buzz they have built around their music. Think out side of the box, come up with innovative ways to connect directly to your fans. It is the only real way to profit from your music business.

3. Patience and Consistent Effort

It's all about your attitude. Always maintain a positive outlook on your projects and ventures. With that said, it is also important to be realistic, no one is optimistic 100% of the time. It is perfectly natural to catch a bad vibe or doubt your self, just detach from these thoughts as they hold no weight of truth. Believe in your self and your music, the passion will be visibly admired and respected.

Keep your efforts and energy focused on being creatively productive. Be patient, good things will come if you let yourself become aware of opportunities.

4. Money To Invest

OK sure, it definitely helps to have money. Clearly some so-called "artists" only have money and disregard the most important element, great music. However, on the flip side if you have great music, it should be easy to find opportunities to make money.

Money isn't everything, but it will solve a lot of your initial problems to have some start up cash. Remember it's all about red and black ink, and if you spend money to make money, you better be sure it's enough to stay out of the red !

If you are in the valuable position of successfully having all four of these elements achieved, then you are already laughing. Chances are if you are like me, you did not start with all 4 of these elements, it has taken you time to establish your self as an entrepreneur in the rap music business.

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